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Our First: Your App Status Is Waiting for Review | Appathetic Studios - Makers of Simple, Useful Mobile Apps
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  • date published: Friday, July 31, 2015
  • read time: ~1 minute

Our First: Your App Status Is Waiting for Review

And so it’s done. Well, not like the work’s over, or that there’s nothing much left for us to do – but the first stage is completed. Daily Write is now sent to the App Store for review.

That slight tingle of accomplishment and relief, it feels good. It’s been months of hard work. Months of answering to people on what you’re trying to do with your life, and what you’re trying to achieve. I honestly have no idea on how Daily Write will perform in the big bad app world. But I do know that it’s a start.

Seldom do people take conversation or an idea forward. Especially someone like me. Comfortable in the confines of a day job, seemingly enjoying my time there. This is a sense of ownership I’ve never felt before. And all this whilst the app is still being reviewed. I can only hope that Daily Write will be taken forward. That being said, there is no harm in reveling for a step towards a new direction.

This is just the beginning for Appathetic and for Daily Write. It’s all been thought of, or so we think. We want Daily Write to grow, and that can happen only if we as Coder and Designer agree to grow along with it.

While I’m rueful of not having these sensibilities earlier, I’m grateful I’m trying. And that’s exactly what Appathetic is, if you ask me. It’s a reminder to create. To attempt to create. One step is what it takes to know if the direction in which you’re going is the right one.

And so without any further mumbling and keyboard jumbling – here’s hoping that Daily Write makes it, and here’s to more “Your app status is Waiting For Review” from Appathetic. Cheers!

— Appathetic Studios