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Its Definitely a Blip! | Appathetic Studios - Makers of Simple, Useful Mobile Apps
  • filed under: Notes
  • date published: Tuesday, June 30, 2015
  • read time: ~2 minute

Its Definitely a Blip!

We started our morning as usual. Work out followed by cold showers. We were high on the fact that today was going to be the day we would submit Daily Write to the App Store for due review. But we kind of forgot the whole nothing goes as planned theory. Which if I May, has been proven by us today.

I am writing this post from my phone. I have two machines. Both Apple. We sat to work, and just like any other day I tapped my mouse so that it would wake the Mac Pro. It wouldn’t turn on. I chalked it up to it wanting to sleep some more, and decided it needed a jolt. I forced it to shut down. Powered it up again, only there was no sign of life.

After spending hours trying to figure out what had gone wrong, we found out that the power supply is shot. No matter, we still have a MacBook Pro. We quickly switched over to it. Only, it’s running El Capitan, and for some reason the beta doesn’t let the wifi card work. No problem, let’s roll back to Yosemite, we concluded.

We started the process of backing up whatever we could from the MBP, to perform a fresh install. Backups done, we shut it down. Try booting it with the bootable USB drive. It boots up, the installer starts, and for some weird reason the installer can’t find the startup disk to install on.

Then realization strikes. We won’t be able to submit the app to the App Store for review today. Another realization strikes we have no machine which we could use to submit the app to the App Store.

Our Sails are up, we have the right heading. We are dead in the water. It’s only our first venture. It’s only a catastrophe.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a stormy day. It will take the entire day tomorrow to get the MBP up, and running. It’s only blip. It’s definitely a blip.

Daily Write coming soon to the iPhone.

— Appathetic Studios