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Daily Write Is Now Ready for Sale | Appathetic Studios - Makers of Simple, Useful Mobile Apps
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  • date published: Tuesday, July 14, 2015
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Daily Write Is Now Ready for Sale

We were at the same coffee shop where Sojourner and I had decided to finally bring Appathetic to life. It was then, in midst of conversation, that we received an email – an email that bought upon our faces a much needed smile.

‘The status for your app, Daily Write, is now Ready for Sale‘ said the subject, and what joy a mail can sometimes bring. This especially after an email much earlier in the day, that felt like a jab in the stomach – briefly knocking the wind out of you. The App was rejected, we thought, or so said the earlier mail’s subject. The reasons cited in front of my eyes, my mind quickly started thinking on things we had to perhaps change in our App. Albeit minor changes, it had to be done I thought, so that we never receive that jab again.

Daily Write on the iOS App Store | Appathetic Studios

Dialy Write is now available for download on the iOS app store!

A few hours later, during our meeting to discuss probable alterations and we receive much happier, more positive news. Letting out a sigh of relief, my arm extends towards Sojourner’s already outstretched arm and we shake hands in a feeling of accomplishment.

It’s been a long journey getting Daily Write onto the App Store. But now, at last, our bottle of Scotch, saved only in anticipation of that email, can be put to much better use. With our glasses raised, we Appathetic, humbly say to you all – Cheers!



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